Privacy Policy

Why We have a Policy, and How it Works.

When you use our site or get in touch with us, we respect your privacy, because we know it's important. This policy spells out what we do with the information we gather from you.

This Policy may be changed from time to time, so please do read through it and check back every so often. When any substantial changes are made, we will send an email to all registered users of the website letting you know this has happened, unless you have actively opted out of such emails.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or requests relating to this policy specifically, or your privacy whilst using our services, you can contact the party by email: [email protected]

Information You Give Us Directly

In order to run this website, we need to collect, and in some cases process, some information about you. This includes information that you've given to us, such as details you've entered on forms during the signup / membership process or entered as part of commenting on the forums or blog. We may also need to collect details of any communications that you've sent to us.

Information You Give Us Indirectly

We may gather and process information about your visits to the site that we get from you or your browser, such as which pages you go to, information and the resources that you've used.

We also obtain limited information on your usage through the Piwik analysis service hosted on our own servers, unless you block it using third-party addons to your browser. These data are then aggregated for statistical analysis about our website in order for us to provide a better service and experience and are not used to identify individual habits.

Any indirect information we get will not identify who you are, but will be numerical data about our visitors and what you do on publicly accessible areas of the site. This information will not contain or process any personal details.

We might use Cookies to store some of this non-identifiable information. Cookies are small text files that are automatically downloaded to and stored on your computer. If you don't wish to allow Cookies to be used on your computer, you should be able to disable them through your browser:

  • In Firefox go to the Privacy tab in the Options panel, then select "Never remember history" from the dropdown menu.
  • In Internet Explorer 9 by going to Privacy tab in the Internet Options menu, then move the slider up to the top.
  • In Chrome going to Options > Under the Hood > Privacy > Content Settings.

Do note that some functions on our website need Cookies to work, so you may have problems using our website with them disabled. If you have any problems with Cookies (or disabling them), let us know and we will try to help.

What We Do with Your Information

We will never give your information to a third party without your explicit permission, unless compelled to do so by law (for example, if you go over the donation limits and we are required to notify the Electoral Commission).

Any personal information about you that we do collect and store about you is for the explicit purpose of helping us to provide you a better service. Much of this information is voluntary, and we limit the information we require from our users to the minimum required by Law (in terms of Membership of the Party) and to the minimum required to provide a service (in terms of website account for use of the Forums).

We may use any contact details you provide to give you information about our campaigns, services, and ongoing development unless you opt out. You are able to opt out of these messages at any time via your profile page. We reserve the right to send out occasional, important updates to all registered members, regardless of your subscription preferences. We will keep this to a minimum, and in general aim for no more than 4 such emails per year.

We may use any information we collect to fulfil any commitments we've made to you, if the information is needed to do so.

Storing Your Information

All information about you that we store will be kept on our secure servers, and any transfer of data will be encrypted to protect your privacy. Sadly, even our IT systems may not be secure 100% all the time, and sending data over the Internet carries some risks, but we guarantee that we will do the best we can to take care of your data. Whenever it is moved we will encrypt it, and we will limit who has access to it within the party to the smallest number of people we need to do the job.

Other Stuff

This Policy only applies to services and websites under the control of the Party. It does not apply to any other websites or services that we, or users of our services, may link to.

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you rights to access any information about you that we have stored. Such a request can be made through our Data Controller: [email protected] We will only charge for this in exceptional circumstances, but we cannot guarantee an immediate response. We will aim to comply with your request as soon as is reasonably practical.